If you are a Cubs fan, you probably have seen the video packages of Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryan mic’d up during a recent spring training game.

I, for one, LOVED IT!

It was so cool to hear the players talking on the field, interacting with each other, the managers and even the broadcasters. If you missed it, check out the highlights above and these videos below (some may be the same….sorry).

So the question is now…should we, as fans, get MORE of this!?

The answer is yes!

I 100% believe we should see a few games during the regular season where players are mic’d up. There are 160 games…160! Having players/managers mic’d up so we can get an inside peak would be great for the game as it would begin to engage fans with their favorites teams and players, something the other sports leagues do a MUCH better job of doing.

I don’t want to hear about how it distracts the players from the game. Both Bryant and Rizzo hit LASERS while literally talking to the announcers. Bryant even gave us an “Ohmygod…ohmygod…ohmygod…ohmygod” a la Henry Rowengartner before he scorched one (sure it was foul, but he was all over it in spite of the on-mic joking).

Sure, the network censors would have to have their fingers on the button at all times, but it’s a small price to pay for the buzz this generates.

What do you think? Should we see more of this in the MLB?