Bodycams Coming To A Town Near You

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and I was a little surprised to find out the body cams are coming to the western suburbs.

I think of big cities like Chicago using body cams, but starting tomorrow, Naperville police will be rolling out body cams for its force. The goal is to have every officer equipped with a body camera by the end of June. That translates to 177 officers.

The recording begins as soon as the officer dons the unit, and the footage will be erased after 18 hours unless it is manually saved.

The cameras will be attached to officers vests or belts using clips and magnets. In colder weather, it will attach to an officer’s jacket.

The video footage will be used in crime cases, but also for training purposes. The goal is to protect citizens, but also officers. Citizens may be more restrained if they know they are being recorded.

Supervisors will also be able to live stream the cameras, in case an officer needs backup and is unable to call for it What do you think of this idea? Let me know in the comments