Boo at the Zoo Is Back, Baby!

As you may (or likely, may not) know, my family has been a member of the Brookfield Zoo every since our kids were old enough to appreciate it. It’s always a super easy day out: the kids love it, we love it, easy to get to, easy to park, and the membership pays for itself in just a few visits. It’s honestly a no-brainer for any family.

There are some times during the year getting to to the Brookfield Zoo is even more fun than normal. Christmas time is my FAVORITE. But a very close second is Boo at the Zoo, where each weekend in October you can enjoy Halloween themed areas and activities!

I’m happy to announce BOO AT THE ZOO IS NOW OPEN!

Check out all the things you can do!

There are Photo Ops with giant inflatables, photo frames, peekboards, and other cool stuff for the ‘gram!  

There are a ton of activities too, like pumpkin decorating, zoo chats with the staff, a draw wall and candy hand-outs all over the place.
They have a new Halloween themed video for their 4K VR experience that’s like riding a rollercoaster through a haunted house, although I did the shark dive simulator with my five-year-old this time.

They even have a magician that performs each weekday afternoon!

The famous carousel even gets a Halloween make-over!

In the mornings, they feed pumpkins to different animals each day of the weekend (schedule below), but we didn’t arrive in time to check that out.
If you’ve been around the ‘burbs for a while, you know what fun Boo at the Zoo is at BZ, so consider this your reminder to mark a weekend on your calendar to get out and enjoy the festivities!
Of course, dressing up is highly encouraged! Plan a trip to the Brookfield Zoo with your family, and you won’t be disappointed!
Oh, and my pro-tip for ANY trip to the zoo. Spend the $8 to park in the South lot. So worth it, in my opinion.

Pumpkins to Animals Schedule
All pumpkin feedings occur at 10:30 a.m.
October 7: Brown bear & polar bears/Great Bear Wilderness
October 8: Capybara/Pachyderm House
October 14: Sloth bears & big cats/Big Cat Walkway
October 15: Nigerian dwarf goats/Hamill Family Wild Encounters
October 21: Brown bear & polar bears/Great Bear Wilderness
October 22: Gorillas/Tropic World: Africa