Bored With Your Job? There’s A Name For That! ‘Boreout’.

Now that we’re moving out of lockdowns and stay at home edicts and no mingling requests I think we can look back on what we’ve been through with a bit of wonderment! The work from home thing has changed the face of the work place and the work pace. I’ve seen the word burnout used in many instances when referring to the work one does and how it affects ones over all psyche. We’ve all heard of and maybe experienced some burnout, but here’s a new one. It’s called boreout! While burnout is linked to long hours, poor work-life balance and our glamorization of overwork, boreout happens when we are bored by our work to the point that we feel it is totally meaningless. Our job seems pointless, our tasks devoid of value. So are you feeling any of this? I have to say luckily I’ve not. My job is one that I love and it always keeps me engaged and moving forward. Even on the toughest days I’m still Rockin’ and feelin’ the mood, but I’m sure many out there are not nearly as lucky!

The Damaging Effects Of ‘Boreout’ At Work.