Can’t stop Law & Order

Well well.  Law & Order fans are jumping with excitement over the confirmation that a new spinoff series is in fact really happening.  And it stars the two main cops from “Special Victims Unit”!

Mariska Hargitay shared several photos of her and co-star, Christopher Meloni, on the set of the new series.  One photo shows the back of two chairs with the names “Stabler” on one and “Benson” on the other. A different photo is posted of the two stars with the caption “It’s all happening”.

The new series “Law & Order: Organized Crime” is scheduled to air this Spring.

Furthermore, though there’s no word on what character he’ll play, Dylan McDermott is also set to join the cast.

The series will actually be a spinoff of Special Victims Unit with Meloni’s character Stabler serving as head of the organized crime unit after such a deep loss.

I don’t know the plotline, but maybe Stabler and Benson decided it was way less creepy to chase mobsters than to chase sex offenders.