Celebrity  Beauty Household Hacks
Hi this is Leslie Harris, and twice in the last week I have heard this weird beauty hack, from two completely different sources. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston uses petroleum jelly on her face to keep away wrinkles, and reduce puffiness. So I decided to do a little digging and find out what other celebrities are using household items as beauty products.
Lupita Nyong’o reportedly uses avocado oil as a moisturizer. Both of these women have beautiful skin, but avocado oil seems to me like it would be a better thing to put on your skin.
Celebrities are also using oil on their hair to prevent dry split ends, and to keep their hair glowing. Blake Lively’s choice is mayonnaise, Denise Richards uses a mashed up avocado mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil, while Catherine Zeta-Jones uses warm, flat beer that she lets sit in her hair for 20 minutes before shampooing.
Dry brushing is a technique that’s been around for a very long time, but it has gotten more popular thanks to endorsements from celebrities like Salma Hayek. It’s supposed to be good for your lymphatic system and your circulation, as well as exfoliating your skin. Be sure to brush toward your heart.
Jennifer Lopez reportedly uses grapefruit extract as an appetite suppressant, and there is some scientific evidence to support this.
Sugar scrubs have been around for a long time, and allegedly, Kim Kardashian exfoliates with sugar.
Have you/will you try these beauty hacks? What household products do you use as part of your beauty routine? Let me know in the Facebook comments.