Charmin Spent FIVE YEARS Re-Designing Toilet Paper Perforations?!

Have you ever grabbed a few squares of toilet paper, and been frustrated because it didn’t tear away in a neat line?  Me neither.  But apparently, it WAS an issue that bothered a lot of people.

Charmin says they got a lot of complaints about toilet paper NOT tearing cleanly along the perforation . . . so they had their team look into it.

They figured out that the uneven tear was because the line was straight, but people were pulling from many different angles and directions.

So, the team started working on a re-design.  It took more than FIVE YEARS, but they just announced that the end result is ready.

It’s called “Smooth Tear,” and instead of a STRAIGHT line, it’s a WAVY perforation.  That means that each piece is no longer a square, which is a significant change.

The “Smooth Tear” will debut this month for their “Ultra Soft” rolls.  It’s unclear if they’ll also change their other varieties, or if other brands might follow suit.

Fox Business has a detailed write-up on it.