ChatGPT Can Actually Chat Now

Big news in the world of A.I.  ChatGPT can ACTUALLY chat with you now . . .

OpenAI announced two new features:  It can now listen and respond like Alexa, but smarter.  And it can analyze photos and tell you things about them.

The talk feature is getting the most attention.  It can respond to a lot more things than Alexa, and answer basically any question.  It also sounds less robotic.

To show it off, they asked it to come up with an original bedtime story.  Alexa uses pre-written stuff.  But in the video, ChatGPT comes up with a new story on the fly, and adds extra details when asked.  (Here’s the video.)

The new photo feature might be an even bigger deal though, because you can use it like an A.I. teacher.

The video for that one shows someone upload a photo of their bike and ask ChatGPT how to lower the seat.

It tells them their seat doesn’t have a quick-release, so they’ll need an Allen wrench . . . asks them to share a photo of their toolbox . . . then tells them where the Allen wrenches are, and what size to use.  (Here’s the video.)

Both features are being rolled out over the next two weeks, but the free version of ChatGPT won’t have them yet.  You have to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 a month.

(TechCrunch / Gizmodo)