Chicago Bears Super Bowl hopes…Contender or Pretender?

Now before you ask me if I am nuts…lets discuss some points.  We know Mitch is all in..hence the picture.  But I am still a little concerned.  Here me out.

The Defense: Super Bowl caliber.  No doubt.  Keep everyone healthy…they can pressure the QB.  Could be the best in the league.  And they are deep.  Just try not to keep them out there too long.  See Denver game.

The Offense:  Well…there are some concerns.  Injuries for one.  Kyle Long has missed time, and Mitch is hurt.  And he has not taken the step yet to be a top tear QB.  His accuracy needs to improve.  I would like to see more balance on offense…hey Nagy…You drafted David Montgomery…Tarik Cohen…RUN THE BALL!

This team…in my opinion…is a contender for the Super Bowl in the NFC.  Get into the playoffs and that defense can play with anyone.  Saints, Cowboys, Packers, Rams and Seattle have offenses that can put up points up…and the Bears offense needs to be able to win a game or two on occasion.  Last time they went to the Super Bowl…we had a defense that was elite…but poor QB play (Rex Is Our Quarterback) and I do not want to see a repeat of that.

The teams in the AFC are really good.  Chiefs, Pats will probably meet again in the Championship game for the AFC.  And the Bears have a brutal schedule.  If they do well against some of those tough AFC teams and Mitch can get healthy and make a few plays, Chase Daniel can manage for a game or two…we have as good a chance as any in the NFC.  But I do think home field will be needed.  Lets Go Bears!


~ Tim Thomas