Coming Soon to a Polling Place Near You

Hi this is Leslie Harris and yesterday I went to train as an election judge.

I have been an election judge a couple of times before, but I didn’t go to the training. I know, I know I did those things in reverse order, but I’m glad I went to this training, because we have some nifty new devices.

In DuPage County, we will be using tablets that are designed to streamline the voting process, without compromising security. We tap a few screens, you sign your name, we initial it and voila, you’re ready to vote!

Speaking of security, everyone will be given a paper ballot unless they specifically request one, or there are extenuating circumstances. In other words, the state of Illinois is moving as far away from electronic ballots as possible.

Anyway, the training was fun once I got the hang of it, and I think we will be able to move people through the line a lot faster. One of my favorite new features happens if someone shows up at the wrong polling place. You can now have the address of the correct polling place texted directly to your phone, and even programmed into your GPS!

Please remember, be kind to your election judges. I’ve worked a few times as an election judge, and it is a long and arduous day. We appreciate a kind word, a smile, a word of thanks, and cookies.  (not kidding – you can’t believe how ridiculously happy it makes us when people bring us food and coffee)

And remember to vote! The primary in Illinois is less than 2 months away, on March 17th. Mark it on your calendar right now! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

By the way, you can probably still sign up to be an election judge for the primary, and definitely for the general election in November. Most polling places are short-staffed, and you’ll be making a difference right in your own community.

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