Confessions of a Former Snob

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and I admit it, I have been snobby about a few things in my life, music being one of them.

I used to scoff at cover bands. Why settle for a cheap knockoff when you can have the real thing?

Well, I have changed my tune, pun intended. I am now a big fan of cover bands, especially as our favorite bands get older and are touring less and less, and are charging higher and higher prices. Also, many of our favorite bands have been broken up for a long time, like Led Zeppelin.

Last night I went to see Get the Led Out at River edge Park in Aurora and it was every bit as exciting and thrilling as seeing one of my favorite bands. They rocked us for about 2 hours, with the music we love.

OK, I AM still pretty snobby about my musical taste, but at lest I can enjoy cover bands! So get out, enjoy the music and be like Leslie 2021, not snobby Leslie of the past!

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