Congrats to Naperville’s 2 Fools Cider on Their New Location

When it comes to cider in the suburbs, it’s really 2 Fools’ world. They are everywhere, but their old space was getting a bit tight, so they moved out to some new digs!

Their grand opening is today at their new location at 1864 High Grove Ln, Ste 100 in Naperville. It’s about five times the space, and I have to say, it’s a MUCH better experience compared to their old spot. Not that it was bad, but it was small, and a lot of times there weren’t many seats. Not anymore!

They’ve not only increased their square footage, but also their cider making capacity! Look at all this room!

They will make about three time more cider that can now more efficiently be packaged and shipped around the area.

Check them out soon and support this unique local business! They have a gran opening party tonight at 7:00 with some live music from my guy Brent Brown, who rocks!