Could The Future Of “Live Shows” Be Take A Test See A Show?

Well I dunno about you, but this latest coronavirus/COVID spike is making me rethink Thanksgiving. I’m supposed to host my son flying in from LA, my grand daughter and her significant other driving in from Cleveland and my daughter, McKenna & RJ with my two grand sons coming in from Michigan. Susie coming from her home here. All we’re hearing now are gatherings, even small family ones like mine are what’s adding to the spikes and exposures. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite because there’s no pretense, no gifts, just food, drink, football and fellowship. I hate to give that up, but it seems we’re all rolling the dice if we’re not overly cautious. The Pfizer news about their vaccine trials is very encouraging and puts everyone in somewhat of a better space if it pans out! Maybe if it does we can get back to seeing some live music again sometime next year!! Remember live music??!! Ticketmaster has come up with an interesting idea about requiring vaccinations and/or negative COVID tests when concerts do return. Imagine having to carry your test results with you to gain access to your favorites shows! Hey at least there would be shows, right!! I think it’s an interesting concept that comes out of no shows, no gatherings, no fun, what’s next!!

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