Dating? Here’s Some Things You Should Know

Hi, it’s Leslie, and several of my friends find themselves in the dating pool. I saw a study recently, and found some of these statistics surprising:

If your friends don’t like your partner, does that matter to you? 71% said no. I get it, but if a majority of your friends don’t like your partner, shouldn’t you give that some consideration? But, 54% said they thought the disapproval stemmed from jealousy!

Women are far more concerned with approval from their friends than men. No surprise there. 45% of men surveyed said they would wait up to 6 months before even telling their parents about a serious relationship. Not surprise there.

However, 92% said that if they were going to look for approval from anyone, it would be from their moms.

If you are dating, do you look to others for approval? Do you know other who do: Let us know in the Facebook comments.