Def Leppard wants to take you on a walk down memory lane!

The band announced they will be “opening their vault” on January 13th to show off some of their big moments from 1977 through today.

In a new video the band posted, guitarist Phil Collen said, “with the world shut down at the moment, it was the perfect time to raid our closets and basements and actually do a collection of kind of artifacts.”

Here is what they said on their YouTube channel:


We’re thrilled to announce the Def Leppard Vault — the first ever collection of the band’s artifacts and related stories, curated from and told by Joe, Sav, Rick, Phil and Viv. The Def Leppard Vault will serve as a constantly curated museum, including special installations where fans can gather to see the band’s history from 1977 to now. 💥 Sign up now for a special message at 👉 👈, and stay tuned for an email in which you will receive the date and a special code that will “unlock” the Vault! 🔐