So with all this hullabaloo about the Oscar’s host, I did start to wonder … do the Oscars even need a host.  I mean does any award show need one really?

Think about the basic format of award shows.

The opening monologue …. The best ones in my opinion are the prerecorded montages that feature all sorts of actors and actresses and random cultural appearances.  They are usually super funny but certainly don’t need a host to be the center person in them – they would be funny with or without a host.

Introducing the presenters … An announcer could do that – one we hear but don’t see … like me … I could do that and can make myself available if they go that route! 😉 … it would be more time saving and leave more time for banter from the presenters (although sometimes that can be rather cringey but it can also be really funny like Amy Poehler and Mya Rudolph at this years Golden Globes).

It really wouldn’t change things up that much, particularly for the Oscars.  You still would have the special award presenters like Tom Hanks who will be presenting Alan Alda with a SAG lifetime achievement award this year.   You would still have great musical performances and the  Memoriam montage.   None of these needs hosts.

So I say … let’s be brave and hostless this year Mr. Oscar.   What do you think ?