Do These Puma Shoes Kind Of Look Like Hitler To You?

Brands have to be hypersensitive now to make sure they don’t accidentally offend people.  So it must be extra frustrating when something like this happens!

Puma has been selling a line of sneakers called “Storm Adrenaline.”  And now they’re all over social media . . . because people think they look like HITLER.

If you look at them from the top down, there’s some trim around the toe that resembles his hair . . . and some trim around the laces that looks like his mustache in versions where the trim is black.

It’s the kind of thing you’d never notice.  But once you see it . . . it DOES kind of look like Hitler.

Puma’s been selling them for a while, so a lot of people already own a pair.  And it’s probably just an unfortunate coincidence.

But some people think it was intentional . . . and the name “Storm Adrenaline” is a nod to the Nazi Storm Troopers from World War Two.

I’m going with a no on that one.