Does it ever get any easier?

This is Leslie Harris, and this is a hard day for me. 2 years ago today, I got that phone called that nobody ever wants to get. My mom had passed away.

Yep, it was 2 years ago, right when the pandemic began to rage. My family and I had moved her into an assisted living facility, 7 minutes from my house, but I couldn’t see her for the last few weeks because they had gone on a hard lockdown.

I spoke to her the night before, and my kids and I were going to do one of those patio visits the next day. She would be on one side of the glass, but she’d be able to see us through the window, and we’d be able to talk to each other on the phone. I was even going to bring the dog, and she said she was looking forward to it.

But it never happened.

My mom had a great life, and we were lucky to have her well into her 90s. That’s a picture of us at the Paul McCartney concert in 2017. she had such a great time, and talked about it for months!

As much as I miss her, I’m glad she didn’t have to live through the pandemic. She was already really miserable. She wasn’t even allowed to see the other residents. She was stuck in her bed watching TV all day, everyday, and she hated it. Yet, it’s never easy losing a parent, and I still miss her so very much.

2 years is not much time. Does it ever get any easier?