Downers Grove Diveheart Wants to Make A BIG Splash!
Leslie Harris here. Diveheart is an organization based in Downers Grove. They help improve the lives of kids and adults with disabilities, and they help them through scuba diving, scuba therapy and other related activities.
Diveheart has done countless studies with Midwestern University and Northwestern University, and they’ve discovered that being weightless in the water, or having zero gravity, can help improve a disabled body’s functions. For example, many people who have been wheelchair bound have been able to stand for the first time since becoming disabled.
Now Diveheart has taken on an ambitious project. The Diveheart Deep Pool project will create the world’s deepest, warm water therapy pool, right here in the Chicago area, and the pool will have a minimal environmental impact.
The facility will be a place for research, rehabilitation, education and training for people from all over the world. They’ve been working with architects and engineers to design this new, revolutionary facility.
The first 20 ft will be encased in glass, and will be an observation area for loved ones of participants. But the plan is to build a pool that will be 130 ft deep!
This new pool will at least partially utilize solar power for heating the water to a comfortable temperature. They aim to raise $300 million to build the facility.
The benefits to disabled individuals include a greater range of motion, decreased pain and greater confidence. There’s also a lot of promising research showing the positive effects on people, especially Veterans, with PTSD.
You can find out more about the dive heart and the amazing work they’re doing, including their Deep Pool Project by clicking HERE