Drinking a Lot of Coffee Might Help Fight Off the Coronavirus?!

Finally!!! The COVID-19 news I’ve been waiting for!

If we’d had this info a year ago, we might have been hoarding coffee like we hoarded toilet paper.  A new study at Northwestern found that drinking a lot of coffee might lower your covid risk.

Researchers looked at the eating and drinking habits of 40,000 adults.  And people who averaged at least one cup of coffee a day had a 10% lower risk for Covid-19.  Which seems weird, but apparently coffee has been linked to a lower risk for pneumonia before too.  So it might be for the same reason.

They’re not sure why it seems to make a difference.  But people who ate a lot of vegetables also had a lower risk of developing Covid-19 symptoms.  And people who ate processed meat had a slightly HIGHER risk.

More research is needed though, and I’d like to volunteer as tribute! And hey…has anyone studied the link to covid and beer yet? I’d be in on that, too.