Another good dog story that’s also a good human story, not to mention a good robot story.  I love those!  A New York couple has been reunited with their lost dog thanks to a good Samaritan and his drone!

Hiking guide Brian James says he recently came across an online post about a retriever named Meadow that had been lost in the woods for 10 days. “I’m realizing that it might be easy to see her from the air if we find her before snow falls,” James says. So, despite not knowing Meadow or her owners, James made the trip to Andes, NY and launched his drone. Soon after, he spotted a little patch of white fur. “He saw a small white dot on the forest floor,” says owner Gary Morgan. “It was Meadow.”

Morgan, his wife Debbie and Meadow are now back together, and the family couldn’t be happier, Debbie says. “We’re just so grateful to Brian for showing up when he did and being able to rescue her,” she says.

Here’s the story: