Earth Day Is A Misnomer
Leslie Harris here, and today is Earth day, but I think we need to rename it to something like people of Earth Day or living things day. Here’s why: if we destroy every living thing on the planet, the Earth will continue on without us. So we are destroying the Earth, we’re destroying livable conditions on Earth!

I have mentioned before that I’m a hippie chick at heart.

I’m one of those people who recycled well before we had curbside, dragging bags of bottles, cans and newspapers to recycling facilities.

I buy fuel efficient vehicles, and I purposely slow down to minimize gas consumption.

I was an early adopter of reusable bags.

And I love going for walks in nature. In fact yesterday, my youngest and I went for a walk at a new-to-us lake, but the path was really short and we ended up going for a second walk at Morton Arboretum, where I have been a member for many years.

But there’s always more that we can do. For example, while I buy recycled paper towels, I still use too many of them. I know people who don’t use them at all.

I also waste food. I buy vegetables with the intention of eating more healthfully, and then I forget about them and end up throwing them away.

So here’s my pledge: whenever I buy fresh produce, I’m going to write a note on the fridge so I remember to use it before it spoils.

Remember, Earth Day is about leaving a better world for our kids, our grandkids, our great grandkids and beyond.

Will you make a pledge for the environment today, Earth Day 2024? Let me know in the Facebook comments