So you may have noticed I was not on the air for the last couple weeks.  (Thanks to the fabulous Leslie Harris and John Calhoun for filling in for me while I was gone.)

So the reason I was gone was that my little cousin Emily got married to the lovely James.  It was certainly an amazing wedding and worth crossing the pond for.  The wedding itself was in Southern Portugal … below are a few pics of the beautiful bride.

I was asked to read at the wedding (that’s me below in the fancy fascinator … English women love fancy hats and fascinators at weddings)  The best part was right after the ceremony everyone was offered ice cream … best wedding tradition ever!

After all the wedding fun we did do a bit of sightseeing in Portugal.   We went to a little town called Tavira that had a Moorish castle (my husband loves rubble … we have to visit a lot of old castles).

Lastly here are a couple pics of my favorite spot in England.  It’s the beach I went to every summer of my childhood.  It’s called West Wittering and it is just a little slice of heaven on earth.