Tim Thomas in for Samantha again tonight…and not every album can be a classic!

Take any of your favorite bands, and their is usually an album they released that didn’t do as well either commercially or financially.  Not all albums can be like Back In Black, or Hysteria, or Appetite For Destruction.

So my music challenge for tonight: What albums by your favorite artists should we re-invest in listening to? Maybe they didn’t sell too many records but the songs are really good.  I have a few that I would highly encourage you to listen to again:

Def Leppard- Euphoria      The songs Promises, Demolition Man, Paper Sun and Day After Day are great.

John Mellencamp- Human Wheels    Title track, When Jesus Left Birmingham, What If I Came Knocking

Journey- Arrival      Higher Place, All The Way.  Steve Augeri takes the vocals on this one.

Boston- Third Stage   Yes Amanda was a #1 single but Cool The Engines and We’re Ready should get more airplay.

Billy Idol- Cyberpunk    Shock To The System is a song with a strong message that you should listen to again.

Bryan Adams- Into The Fire-  Heat Of The Night, and Hearts On Fire are great tracks

Doobie Brothers- Sibling Rivalry   People Gotta Love Again is the song to search for.  Strong message, great sound


Some of these albums were likely to be found in the discount bin, or may be hard to find all together.  But if you can get them, give them a listen.  I believe you will not be disappointed. And you might find a few hidden gems that are worth adding to your playlist.  Share your favorites!

~ Tim Thomas