Five Tricks to Be the Most Attractive Person in the Room

Everyone wants to be noticed and there are a few tricks to make you look better and be noticed at the same time.

Some woman who calls herself a “holistic life coach” is going viral on TikTok after posting five psychology tricks to make yourself the, quote, “most attractive person in the room.”

It seems like she just pulled them all from random websites, so take these with a grain of salt.

Here are her five tricks for being hot . . .

1.  Use your hands when you talk.  It makes you seem confident and more engaging.

2.  Walk around with wet hair.  (???)  She claims we tend to think people are hotter when their hair is wet.  She didn’t say where she got that though.

3.  Speak slowly.  Take lots of pauses when you talk.  Rushing through your words makes you seem insecure.  Taking your time makes you seem relaxed.

4.  Smile like you mean it, and have warm body language.  When you’re genuinely having a good time, people are attracted to that.

5.  Have “sensual energy.”  She defines that as being confident in yourself and, quote, “letting your sexual energy flow in your body.”  (???)  (TikTok)