Five Ways to Perk Up from an Afternoon Slump.  Wake up, it’s Friday…

Fridays are probably the longest day of the week.  You go to work and then you have plans on Friday night and the day just goes on an on…Let’s find out what a recent study showed to get you back in the game.

Here are five tips on how to perk up from an afternoon slump and cruise into your weekend . . .

1.  Drink some water.  Dehydration makes us tired . . . even mild dehydration levels can affect our performance.  And it’s easy to forget to hydrate while staring at screens all day.

2.  Go outside.  If you feel sluggish after lunch, try going outside.  Research has found that more intense light can make you feel more alert.

3.  Take a power nap.  It’s easier to nap on the job now that so many of us are working from home.  Just keep it short . . . 20 to 45 minutes max.

4.  Talk to someone.  If you notice your slump hits around the same time every day, try scheduling phone calls or meetings for that time so you’re busy and engaged.

5.  Eat something.  Especially foods that are good for the brain, like broccoli, grains, lentils, and eggs.


Get out there and enjoy your weekend