Gator Alert On The 5th Hole!

So I don’t know if you play golf or not, but for this experience it helps to a certain extent. Playing golf in Florida is a treat and can be very enjoyable (depending on how you’re playing among other things), but remember when in the tropics you are not alone! I mean I’ve had geese come after me on courses here in Chicago for accidentally getting too close to a nest and if you’re playing in the Southwest or California there are those snakes. Nothing like riding down a fairway and coming through a particular area and there’s a sign that says “Snake area, do not leave cart.” OK, you got my attention! Florida is it’s own unique arena because of the tropical climate and what lives there. I’ve had an experience sort of like this but not as close and not with a creature nearly this size. Gator on the fairway…..make way!!

Huge Gator Invades Golf Course.