Get Ready to Ride the Weather Roller Coaster!

Welcome to March, my friend! The month we can see both warm sunny days followed by snowstorms!

Actually, that’s exactly what we are about to see over the next seven days.

So take a look at this.

Today…gorgeous. High around 60 and sunshine.

Tomorrow…temp crash! Cold front moves though, envelopes most of the state and we feel the icy chill of Winter yet again. High will barely get above freezing.

Friday, it gets slightly warmer, pushing into the 40s, but then by Saturday…woo!…Back into the SIXTIES!!! High of 63 on Saturday.

Ohhhh, but with the warm temps also come some rains storms. It will rain Saturday night and into Sunday, with highs on Sunday in the 50s.

Then, it’s back to winter like conditions, and even a decent chance for significant SNOW on Monday.

Yep…I said snow. Again.

Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts, because Winter isn’t going away yet. Not yet, at least.