Get Ready to Rock Your St Patrick’s Day!
Hey it’s Leslie Harris. Happy March! The biggest thing that happens in March is St Patrick’s day, and there is lots of fun St Patrick’s day afoot.

For example one week from today, you can check out Classical Blast in Kilts.

Classical blast is a nationally touring group of musicians who mix rock music with classical music. So you might hear rocking versions of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and more. They describe it as the past, present and future brought together in perfect harmony!

Classical blast will be playing traditional Irish and Scottish music by current bands like snow Patrol, Cranberries and Dropkick Murphies, as well as traditional music in their unique style. This will take place on Friday March 8th at the Joliet Area Historical Museum, 204 N Ottawa Street, Joliet.
Doors open at 6:15, and the band goes on at 7:00. A full beverage bar will be open as well as a snack vendor and all museum galleries. Get your tickets HERE