Gonna Be a Hot One! Cool Off With a “Beef Fizz” On the Rocks

I’m gonna tell you right from the jump…this looks as disgusting as it sounds!

Making its way around the internet right now a drink recipe for a summer refresher called the “beef fizz.” Yes…it has actual beef stock. Here’s the snapshot of the ingredients.

Beef Fizz from r/Old_Recipes

How is there not an alcoholic aspect to this?! It’s one thing to drink a nasty alcoholic drink – at least you start to get a buzz – but to have this disaster of a concoction without the aid of a shot of whiskey or vodka seems downright masochistic!

Love the garnish on this one though:


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#BeefFizz v2: increase ginger beer and add a garnish

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I’m also DYING to know what book that is from (or if it’s an elaborate internet hoax, which is always a possibility). The other drinks sounds really good from the parts and pieces we can read.

Now, it’s obviously sounds terrible, so naturally, I thought of trying it for you on a video to pander for likes and shares. But I’m not sure I’d even stoop that low! So I decided to find people on the internet who HAVE taste tested it! Here are the horrible reactions to the “beef fizz.”