About a week ago I was surfing the internet before going to bed.  It’s a bad habit.  This has been known to cause disturbances with your natural sleep cycle.  Plus, I did what anyone else does right before bed, I started to research random murders that occurred in Northeast Wisconsin.  Yikes!  But since I reported on quite a few of them as the “Info Wench” at the Rockin’ Apple, they weren’t that shocking anymore.

While in that wormhole I read that Netflix had apparently created a series in nearby Manitowoc called “Making a Murderer“.  I had not heard about that– Crazy.  The series won 4 Emmys.  Its been out for a long time.  Where the heck have I been??

When I watched the preview trailer it all came back to me.  I was in Wisconsin when Steven Avery got out in 2003At that time I was working in Green Bay Radio after being fired from the Rockin’ Apple, but I am not sure if I personally reported on it.  Here are some fun facts of things I do remember:

I have been on the SS Badger Car Ferry multiple times and enjoyed my visits to Manitowoc.

Check out this old photo I found where I was hanging with the Mayor of Manitowoc!

The neighboring town is sometimes pronounced Trivers and not Two Rivers.

I recognized the font of the numbers that display the address of the Law Office where Kathleen Zellner works.

What are we to believe?  I haven’t binged the entire series yet, but I go back and forth thinking he’s guilty and then not-guilty.  Thank Goodness I didn’t have to serve on that jury.  I am not sure what I would have done.  At this point, I am pretty certain that Teresa Halbach was not murdered just to frame Steven Avery but I can’t wrap my head around all the facts, bias, and lies in this case.  Not much has changed for me since 2003, I am much better at picking music to play than pointing out a murderer!

–Jessi Beretta