Half of Americans Want the Super Bowl Moved to Saturday

Every time someone suggests moving Super Bowl Sunday, everyone says “Oh, it’s too holy to change!”  Yeah, until Monday, when everyone is struggling to make it through work.  But maybe the consensus is shifting.

In a survey, 48% of football fans said they’d LIKE to see the Super Bowl moved to Saturday.  And 14% admit that they’ve called in sick to work on the Monday after.

By the way, they also looked at internet search data, and named Kansas the state that’s the MOST eager for the Super Bowl, based on the number of searches about the game.  Colorado is second, followed by Missouri, Nebraska, and Utah.

Louisiana seems the LEAST interested . . . followed by Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and West Virginia.  Interestingly, California . . . the home of the Rams . . . is just 26th.  And Ohio . . . the home of the Bengals . . . is 32nd.

They also listed the most Googled “general knowledge” NFL questions, and the results are silly.  For eight states, it was “How many quarters are in football?”  A few states wanted to know “What’s a touchback?”  And Texas and Washington asked, “Who is Tom Brady?”

They MUST be trolling.  Or playing “Jeopardy”.