It’s Tim Thomas for your Friday night, and I know Halloween is only 6 days away.  So lets talk about it.

First:  Halloween seems a little different than it was when I was a kid and young enough to Trick or Treat.  I got home from school…got into my costume…and started.  I could go to any house in the neighborhood I wanted.  I recall being able to go for all hours of the night.  Nobody worried about anything.  You got as much candy as you could.  And I do not recall any costume that was off limits.  Now…not so much.  You have to have a parent with you or a guardian.  This isn’t a bad idea…just a sign of the times.  You can only go certain hours of the day.  Each town seems to have an ordinance in some way or form.  And you have to be careful as to what costume you wear.  It may be offensive or not politically correct.  Again…not a bad idea…just a sign of the times.

Second:  What costumes have you worn in your lifetime?  Anything you made yourself?  I can recall being Fred Flintstone, GI Joe, Jack Be Nimble, Football Player, Baseball Umpire and I am sure I had some crazy makeup at one time or another.  I haven’t been to many costume parties…partly because I was either working…single with no one to go with, or both…and nowadays I think it is just safer to stay inside.  I suppose if I had kids it may be a different story.  But a good scary movie is always a good idea.  The original Halloween or the Exorcist is at the top of the viewing list…and will be for quite some time.

So this Halloween keep this in mind.  Keep an eye on your kids…have fun, be safe. And let hope you have more treats than tricks.   🙂