Happy Birthday Westmont!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and on Wednesday, I attended a birthday party for the village of Westmont. Westmont is now 100 years old!

Quite a few people packed into a heated tent. Westmont mayor,Ron Gunter, spoke for a few minutes, some acknowledgements were made, there were special occasion Beanie Babies named Monty and Westy, and then the most exciting part, the unveiling of a new mural!

Westmont artist Fanny Moy has created five of these murals over the last five years. The first one depicts the early history of Westmont, and each one subsequently depicts a different era in Westmont. The fifth and final mural depicts the future of Westmont, as seen by its citizens.

After the first of the year, the murals will be on permanent display at the Westmont public library. When you go to see them, be sure to look for Fanny’s dog Lucky in the first four panels. This is an especially fun game for the kids to play.