HAPPY HOUR: Guy Loses 400 Pounds To Keep a Promise to His Late Mother

If you are looking for some insiration to lose a few pounds, look no further than Nicholas Craft from Mississippi.

Nick’s mother passed away in 2019, but before that happened he made her a promise to lose weight. Now, that was no easy task as Nick weighed 650 POUNDS!

Nick here got to work, and WITHOUT the aide of any type of surgery, he lost over 360 of those pounds! Its an incredible transformation.

The issue now is all the loose skin that he carries around. Even though he says it affects him physically and mentally, the insurance company says it’s a cosmetic surgery and is not covered. Nick’s sister has started a GoFundMe to help pay for the $20,000 surgery, and they have a ways to go.

Good luck Nick. You are a true health inspiration!