HAPPY HOUR: Local Brewery Builds New House for a Veteran

On Saturday, the brains behind the Will County Beer and Bourbon Festival, accomplished their goal. They handed the keys to a brand new house to a local veteran.

Jamie Albert was on hand Saturday to finish off the dream that started years ago. Over the course of those years, the brewery’s annual beer and bourbon tasting event raised over $175,000, and through Habitat for Humanity and the wonderful volunteers, were able to build this beautiful new house for a veteran named LaVonda and Army vet and single mother of two. She has spent the last few holiday seasons at Hope Manor in Joliet, an organization that provides housing for veterans. I can only imagine the joy this new holiday season will be for them in their new home!

We wish nothing but the best for LaVonda and her family, and wish to extend a hearty pat on the back to the folks who volunteered with WCBC to make it happen! Well done!