Have You Tried These Trending Foods?
Leslie Harris here, and when I think of food trends, Whole Foods Market is the big chain grocery chain that I think of. Here are top 10 food trends of 2023:
Yaupon. Huh? I’ve usually at least heard of these foods, but not this time. Yaupon is a holly bush that is North America’s only known, native, caffeinated plant, and is usually prepared as a beverage.
Flours made from oat, soy and almond pulp, which is left over from producing plant-based milks.
I’ve had “pasta’ made from zucchini, and now people are using spaghetti squash, hearts of palm, and even green bananas for a lower carb option to traditional pasta.
Dates, used as a sweetener, healthier than white sugar.
Eggs that are organic and come from chickens that are raised humanely.
Kelp which has many health benefits and is sustainably sourced.
Foods that are climate-conscious (cause little to no damage to the environment)
Healthier versions of comfort foods like mac and cheese and pizza bites that have been reinvented, such as vegan versions.
Pet supplements. I have been using these for many years with my crew
Avocado oil, which is healthier than many other cooking oils, and has a high smoke point.
Do you use any of these foods? Will you try any? Let me know in the Facebook comments