Haven’t Got Your Vaccination Yet? Have We Got Goodies For You!!

As we move through this pandemic and move closer to getting back to normal it’s interesting to see how different people are reacting to the vaccination push. I have talked to more than a few folks (including members of my family) who are simply waiting or are not interested in getting one of the vaccines. I’m all about freedom of choice, but when you look at the results of the massive vaccination program and how it has slowed the rate of infections, hospitalizations and deaths it’s hard to argue against taking your shot. The President has set July 4th as a goal to have 70% of the country with at least one shot and it looks like we’ll get close or even get there. Now the Federal Government and many local state governments have taken to giving incentives to get folks to take their shots. Ohio has already made two people millionaires with their vaccination lottery and several other states have joined in as well.  So many others and companies have joined in too like Anheuser Busch, Kroger, United Airlines, Krispsy Kreme. Free beer, free groceries for a year, free airfares, free doughnuts and there’s a lot more. You In!!

Freebees For Getting Vaccinated Click Here.