Haven’t You Always Wanted To…

Did you want to be a firefighter when you grew up? Now you can tool around town in your very own firetruck!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and cities in Illinois such as Rock Falls, Elwood and Peotone are auctioning off their surplus on Municibid, and it’s not just firetrucks.There’s so much cool stuff!

Municibid is a site where schools, police departments, municipalities and other government agencies sell their surplus, as well as their lost and found to the public.

The city of Rock Falls fire department is currently auctioning off a 1974 Ford l900 / Pierce fire engine, and the village of Elwood has a 1996 Ford model cf-8000 street sweeper. The village of Peotone has old timey gumball machines, sports memorabilia and vintage beer signs and much more.

The best part is that the proceeds from the auctions go right back into the city or government that holds the auction, and the funds are used for road maintenance, local events, community programs and more.

Hurry up if you’re interested in those beer signs, because one of those auction ends in a couple of days.

Check out all of these Illinois auctions and more, HERE