Having Fun Getting Back at The Ex

Hey, it’s Leslie, and Valentine’s Day is next week. Maybe you’re not too excited about it. Maybe you’ve got an ex that you’d like to get back at, without really doing any damage.  Well, I have some creative ideas for you, and some of them even make a difference.

You can ‘Have your ex neutered.’ For $50, The Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Blackwood New Jersey will name a feral cat after your ex. The cat will then be spayed or neutered, and released back into its colony, “because some things shouldn’t breed. ” This is an important program that helps cut down on the amount of unwanted kittens, while giving you the satisfaction of knowing that a cat named after your ex can no longer reproduce. Find out more about it HERE

You can ‘Flush your ex.’ Toilet paper company, Who gives a Crap? will take those old love letters and turn them into 100% recycled toilet paper! While this promotion does not directly benefit a charity, Who gives a Crap? donates 50% of its profits to provide access to clean water and toilets for billions of people in need. Find out about Flush your ex HERE

And once again, for $15, Brookfield Zoo will name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after your ex. You’ll also get a certificate of naming, and a placement on the Cockroach Naming Board. Find out more about Name a Cockroach at Brookfield Zoo HERE

I like these ideas, because you can take revenge, without really taking revenge, and have some fun doing it. Have you done any of these programs, or any similar ones? Have you heard about any that I haven’t listed? Let me know in the Facebook comments.