Having Two Kids Makes You Live Longer, but Three Kids Will Kill You!

“You’ll be the death of me” is a popular mantra for parents. But a new study found having kids might actually make you live LONGER. It just depends on HOW MANY you crank out.

Researchers at the University of Michigan looked at the health records of 276,000 people, and found some parents are 5 to 10% more likely to live to 76 than people without kids. That’s about three years longer than the global average.

But there’s a sweet spot: It’s only true for people who have TWO children.

If you have more kids than that, you’re less likely to make it to 76 than someone who doesn’t have kids. The same applies if you only have one child.

They’re not sure why two is the magic number. But the guy who led the study thinks it might strike a balance between, quote, “having a good amount of social interactions, and not having too much economic or physical burden.”

Either way, if you want kids . . . and you’re doing it for purely SELFISH reasons . . . you might want to cap it at two. Or, if you planned to stop at one, you may want to rethink that. Another baby could save your life!