Heardle, the Wordle of Music, Has People Rushing to Name That Tune!

If you are familiar with Wordle, but consider yourself more of a music fan than a, you know, NERD…maybe you should try Heardle!

The “daily musical intros game,” is barely a month old and already is getting a million users a day.

Just like Wordle, the game gives the intro to one song which you have to guess the correct artist and song title in six tries or less.

The website has an app domain and uses a Soundcloud integration. It is free and features songs from all genres and eras.

The creator, who wishes to remain anonymous says there are two million active fans, one of them being Questlove from The Roots. “I’m a big fan of Questlove; his knowledge of music is extensive and having a self-titled ‘music geek’ onboard is exciting. That he’s doing this every day is a real highlight for me,” said the creator.