Remember the whole “Storm Area 51” event that started as a joke, then kind of got serious, then was a joke again.

Well, is was scheduled for 3:00 a.m. this morning. Naturally, we didn’t hear the news tell us a bunch of people made it in, so obviously it didn’t really happen. But, there WERE some people who made it to the gates. About a dozen or so, mostly just chatting and taking selfies. At least one person was arrested.

The Independent is doing yeoman’s work keeping us up to speed with live updates. From their reporter Andrew Giffin:

If you’re just joining us, here’s a rough summary of the nights events, which happened at four main locations:
  • In Las Vegas, people gathered for Alienstock, which was run like a traditional EDM festival, with lots inflatable aliens.
  • In Hiko, there was another alien festival, with themed displays out in the desert.
  • And in Rachel, there was another Alienstock, with live rock music played out across the Nevada sand, and themed events. Despite the warnings from locals, this appears to have gone largely without major incident.
But perhaps most interestingly of all…
  • At the gate to Area 51 itself, some people did gather. They gathered round, chatted, took some photos and joked. While there are reports of at least one arrest, there was no attempt to storm Area 51.

And never forget that companies will use any reason to make a buck! Kudos to them, I say.