Friday night football is fun for many reasons! One of those reasons is the atmosphere created by the marching band! Many directors will dismiss their band if the weather isn’t ideal…if it’s too cold or if it’s raining. The players don’t get that luxury, but the band usually does.


YESSS!!! What do they say about marching bands? Through wind and rain and sleet and snow? Maybe that’s postal carriers, but it still applies! I just hope that decision didnt ruin and instruments and cost anyone too much money! And if I’m not mistaken, Neville was the AWAY team! I guess if your band is going to travel to an away football game, you might as well play regardless of the weather!

It must have helped! Neville won this muddy football game 8-0.

I first saw this on a uniform aesthetics website that I frequent dubbed (don’t judge me!). The original article was about how the Neville football team actually changed jersey colors at halftime due to the aforementioned rain and ensuing muddy conditions. You should read about it, and nerd about about the sports uniforms!