Hired Gun – Worth A Watch

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and as we were flipping through one of our streaming services, my husband came across a documentary called Hired Gun, released in 2016. It’s about the musicians that are hired by big stars to either tour or sit in the studio.

These are really talented people, but most of them remain unknown. Many times, they are even more talented than the band members. There’s a wide range of musicians in this film, from people who have worked with Billy Joel to Five Finger death Punch. I really enjoyed this film, as I have enjoyed most music documentaries I’ve seen.

By the way, Billy Joel comes off as a huge jerk, Pink! comes across as an awesome human being, there is an alarming shortage of women and people of color who fill these roles, and Alice Cooper is even cooler than you think.

Have you seen Hired Gun? What did you think? What other music documentaries have you seen? Let me know in the comments