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Home Depot is obviously a good place to go for some spackle, or an 18-volt reciprocating saw . . . but THIS?

People online are cracking up after someone noticed Home Depot is selling a 40-inch replica of Mel Gibson’s SWORD from the movie “Braveheart”.

Seriously, here’s the link!

It’s supposed to be decorative.  But it’s a legit sword that looks just like the one from the movie.  It’s modeled after William Wallace’s sword.  He was a tall drink of water, so the real one’s a lot bigger…64 inches, or just over five feet.

Don’t expect to walk into Home Depot and see a whole rack of medieval weapons though.  It’s something they’re only offering online.  And they sold out after the story went viral. actually sells lots of random stuff now.  You can also get battle axes . . . snorkeling gear . . . or a 64-ounce bottle of coyote urine.

The “Braveheart” sword normally retails for $58.

The Q&A section is the best part.  Here are some of the questions people have been asking . . .

1.  “Is this sword suitable for overthrowing an oppressive English monarchy?”

2.  “I have a large fire-breathing dragon in my yard that I need to slay.  Will this work, or should I hire an exterminator?”

3.  “Is this [also] effective in slaying vampires?”

4.  “Is this sword sharp and sturdy enough to carry into battle?  Or is it just suitable for a bit of light pillaging?”

5.  “Is knighthood included, or does it cost extra?”

6.  “Is this TSA approved?”

7.  “If I hold this above my head and say “By the power of Grayskull,” [will] I finally become Master of the Universe?  Asking for a friend.”

The company that makes the sword actually responded to that last one and said no, it’s not intended for He-Man stuff.

Here’s a photo.