Hey, Leslie Harris filling in for Nick Jakusz today, and I’m in a panic. Summer’s almost over!

I feel like this summer has gone by faster than any other. I still have one kid in school, although to be fair, she is college-aged. But summer was always the time when my kids and I went on adventures to places like the speedboats off of Navy Pier, the Riverboat in St. Charles, Kline Creek Farm, Chinatown, Greektown, the beach, movies in the park and more. Well this year, we didn’t get as much crammed in, but we did get to the beach twice, we saw Billy Idol at Naperville’s Ribfest, took a long weekend to Louisville, and yesterday, we went to Raging Waves Waterpark in Yorkville, and then to Foxy’s for ice cream.

Day after tomorrow, we’ll be packing up the SUV and heading back for her sophomore year, but at least we got some good fun in one last time. (even though it rained – hey, we were already wet!)

How are you spending these last days of summer? Let me know in the comments

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