How Do You Like Your Coffee & Your Life? Bittersweet!

I think I’m a relatively upbeat person. We all have our bad days, but I tend to keep that down time to  minimum. Bad day head to dreamland and wake up fresh and ready for the world and the new day. Of course there have been catastrophic events that don’t go away so easily like the loss of  a child, a divorce or bad breakup, even the loss of a job. These can be events that stay with you and keep you in a dark or depressed state for longer periods. Time is the element that can help here, but the sorrow and sadness we feel is something that apparently can be part of the positive solution. I know….What!! Hey I’m just bringing you some interesting information. You should check out this piece about the power of bittersweetness.

Are You A Bittersweet Person? Take This Quiz.