How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Making Donations To Ukraine.

I think we’ve all seen some of the awful images that come across on TV since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started over a month ago. If  you’re like me you’d like to find a way to help or contribute to refugee relief or just Ukrainian support, but how and where can you do this with the assurance that your money is going to the real cause, not just some front for a quick buck. I don’t like doing much of anything on line because I’ve had several bad experiences with my card being hacked by unknown sources and then you go through the whole “we’ll be sending you a new card.” Make sure you notify and change any on line users that have direct payment access.That’s always fun! So here is a guide to safer on line contribution access. Some tips to keep your cards safe.

How To Avoid Fundraising Scams When Donating To Charities For Ukraine.