First, let me say it’s a tragedy. It’s a terrible thing whenever anyone unnecessarily loses a life.

That said, when you are looking to kill an animal, you have to expect that animal will respond with equally deadly force! It’s not often the hunted ends up getting the upper hand, but in this case, it did!


66-year-old Thomas Alexander shot a buck while hunting with a muzzleloader.  When he went to inspect his kill, the deer got up and began attacking him.

Alexander suffered puncture wounds and was transported to a hospital where he later died.

Now, I’m no hunter. The thought of killing an animal for fun really doesn’t do it for me, but I understand it can serve a purpose, so I don’t bash it.  But from what I understand, it’s common practice to wait a certain length of time before walking up to the animal you’ve shot, literally to avoid this exactly situation. Hunters…is that true? Did he break common hunting protocol here and take his life into his own hands?

Let me know what you think!